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Act As If: Choosing a new acting part

“We’re all just acting a part, so which script will serve you and the others around you the most?” That’s how one of the chapters of Aaron Anastasi’s book end, and I wanted to start this post with that question since I think it can be a great follow up to these ‘reinventing ourselves’ series. Recently I’ve been giving this question (and the whole chapter) a lot of thought. On the one hand some part of me refuses this idea since if it’s true that we are all acting a role, that would mean nobody is authentic. On the other…

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Finding our calling and reinventing ourselves with the help of our peers

Have you ever wondered if you are using your unique abilities professionally? Do you know what those skills or talents are in your case? I’ve been struggling for a long time trying to figure out what I do best, what I should be doing professionally in order to put into practice my talents. This is something that affects specially avocational people, that is, people without clarity about what they want to do with their life from a very young age. If you know it, perfect! You can skip years of search for meaningful work, trials, start-overs, etc. and work directly…

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Don’t wait years to change your perception about your present time

Recently I wrote about the importance of writing our new personal story in order to be free from the past. A couple of days after writing that, a similar thought crossed my mind. The same way that listening my limiting beliefs from my past was a waste of time, I may also be wasting my time right now not perceiving my current reality in the most resourceful way I can. I mean, why if I change now how I’m perceiving my current situation instead of waiting to some time in the future to change how I’ll perceive my past? Confusing,…

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Profound self transformation: The slow reading approach

As I’ve already mentioned before I love reading and learning. During the last ten years I’ve devoured many books, specially self-growth books, trying to improve or “fix” some aspects of me. Sometimes I forget that I’m reading those books with a purpose and I just enjoy reading as I would be reading a novel. Even though in those books there are quite a lot of concepts to think about and questions to reflect on and answer, I seem to enjoy the moment and the topic and I keep reading telling myself that I will answer those questions at the end of…

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Writing our new empowering story

Continuing with this 30-day book challenge about The Voice of Your Dreams, I want to share with you how one concept of this book has helped me transform my story. By story I mean, the story that our mind keeps repeating and reinforcing itself as to who we are or why we act like we do. We all have a story in our heads that probably started as a child, which has been either evolving through adulthood for some people or being repeated with almost no change for others. The critical point that this book pointed out for me is whether…

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4 useful ways to find our WHYs

“Get clear on WHAT you want and you’ll be already half-way there.”, right? Though that might be true, there’s a second part of the equation, probably even more important which is getting clear on our WHY. I would even say that we would be better off knowing our WHY but not our WHAT than the other way around. Knowing our WHYs leave our path open for opportunities and surprises. We can’t know all the possibilities that the Universe has in catalogue for us, so by getting clear on our deep intentions and having faith or trust in the process we…

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The 3 practical questions to silence our ‘I’m not enough’ thoughts

As I already mentioned on a previous post, “not having what it takes” to go after or to achieve something was one of the most predominant thoughts when I was confronted with a decision or when I wanted to pursue something in the past. Obviously, that’s not a very resourceful mindset. The problem was that I thought it had something to do with inheritance, genes or something that I was lacking and was not possible for me to change. What some people call “fixed mindset“. That is until recently. One of the main take-aways for me from the book “The…

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Bringing purpose to what I do

I remember vividly being at home when I was 9 or 10 years old, trying to do my homework for school. I had to write a text and apparently I just couldn’t. There was something deep inside of me feeling helpless because I thought I didn’t have what it took to write that text, even though I was one of the best students in class with the best grades. Call it lack of creativity or lack of intelligence or whatever crossed my mind back then, but the thing is, that that feeling stood with me long. Too long. Actually I…

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Ready for the world to finally see the real me.

Today is the date I committed myself to start journaling my quest, and here I am. First milestone: check! First things first. I’m Carlos and I’m fed up of my inability to find fulfillment in life, specially professionally, which obviously has a tremendous impact on all other categories in life. Maybe you can relate to this or some part of this: I’m in my 40s (I’m 41 right now but I feel this discontent with my results and lack of clarity since high school) and I am kind of introvert, so I find it difficult to adjust to the fast pace and…

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